Aside from champignon mushrooms, our wide variety also includes pleurotus mushrooms. We offer high quality products, in a wide range of available packages.

In order to guarantee quality, we cool the products in maximum one hour after harvesting. After classification and wrapping, we ensure the transportation of our products with our own vehicles.

Our mushroom variety

White champignon mushrooms

Delicious white button mushrooms of first-class quality, high in nutrients, available in different packages. These high-quality mushrooms are cultivated with regard to exceptionally high hygiene standards and are not exposed to any chemicals in the process.

Brown champignon mushrooms

Brown button mushrooms are somewhat crunchier, yet they preserve the delicious taste of wild mushrooms. We cultivate them with great attention, in a chemical-free environment. The smaller mushrooms are ideal to be used in salads, while the caps of the larger ones may easily be grilled.

Pleurotus mushrooms

Pleurotus mushrooms have a slightly sweet taste. Some say their taste resembles oysters, while others claim they taste a little bit like anise. Their very intense and delicious taste allows them to be used in the preparation of a variety of meals.

Mushroom mix

A delicious mix of mushrooms that can be the best ingredient in the kitchen when preparing any type of mushroom course. It contains white and brown button mushrooms, as well as pleurotus mushrooms – all in a delicious mix for a splendid taste.

Modern cultivation technology, superior quality

We grow fresh mushrooms on one of the largest mushroom growing areas in Romania, with professionals trained in Dutch-type automatic mushroom houses. Sustainable freshness is guaranteed by vacuum coolers, high-performance sorting and packaging lines and our own vehicles for transport.

Decades of experience

Mushroom cultivation is an activity that requires attention and commitment – an activity that we now carry out with the knowledge and experience of twenty years, under the supervision of the largest certification institutes, to the satisfaction of our partners.