About us

Aside from aspiring to continuously grow our productivity, the main objectives of our company include the introduction of research, development and innovative technologies in the field and ensuring high quality customer service.


Our mushroom variety

Our variety includes not only white and brown buttons, but also pleurotus mushrooms,
all of which are available in a variety of packages, with a superior quality.

White champignon mushrooms

Delicious white button mushrooms of first-class quality, high in nutrients, available in different packages.

Brown champignon mushrooms

Delicious and crunchy brown button mushrooms, which preserve the pleasant taste of wild mushrooms.

Pleurotus mushrooms

Mushrooms with a slightly sweet taste. Some say their taste resembles oysters, while others claim they taste a little bit like anise.

Mushroom mix

White and brown button mushrooms as well as pleurotus mushrooms – all in a delicious mix for a splendid taste.

Recipes and Blog

Pickled oyster mushrooms with ginger

Winter holidays are unimaginable without homemade pickles, which balance and highlight the main dishes with their characteristic taste. Next to the popular cucumber or green tomato pickles, place a specialty on the shelf: marinated oyster mushrooms with ginger.

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Mushrooms and the paleo diet

First things first: What is a paleo diet? The basic principle of this very popular diet and movement is that humanity has changed little enough since the Stone Age. In addition to this statement, our diet should also not have changed, not to mention that the cause of many modern diseases might be that our daily menu does not consist of that type of foods and is not prepared with a method that was used by our ancestors at that time.

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Our results in numbers

Aside from champignon mushrooms, our wide variety also includes pleurotus mushrooms.
We offer high quality products, in a wide range of available packages.

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“There is no other food that would have such a unique taste like mushroom.”

C. F. Leyel