Mushrooms are an important pillar of our diet because they are an incredibly healthy and versatile food, packed with nutrients, thus being a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight.

But what makes them truly diet-friendly?

They are low in calories

Mushrooms can be prepared in so many ways, as a soup, a side dish or even a main course, but their real advantage is that although they make you feel well fed after eating them, they don’t have many calories and don’t lead to weight gain.

They contain lots of protein

Protein is a very important pillar of everyone’s daily diet, whether we eat animal or vegetable protein. Those who practice different sports beside the diet should pay even more attention to consuming enough protein because a proper protein intake helps the muscles restore after physical effort.

High water content

Drinking enough water is essential for our bodies, but it is also a good choice to eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruit and vegetables, as they have a higher volume due to the water, making you feel full without being a calorie bomb.

Excellent source of fibre

Eating foods rich in fibre is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. The high fibre content of mushrooms, combined with their low-calorie content, ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety, which means that after eating a quality meal, we won’t feel the need to snack shortly after eating. High-fibre, satisfying foods can reduce the constant feeling of hunger and the frequent snacking between main meals, which can easily lead to irregular eating and weight gain.

Harder to digest

Since mushrooms are not a particularly easy food to digest, it is important to cook them properly so that they don’t strain our stomach, but the advantage is that because they take longer for the digestive system to break down, the feeling of satiety lasts longer.


Mushrooms can be prepared in so many different ways that it’s easy to make a healthy meal for the whole family. However, we should avoid using flour and fat if we want to prepare a healthy, diet-friendly meal.

Here’s a very simple but tasty recipe with mushrooms and sheep’s cheese:

Mushrooms stuffed with sheep’s cheese


  • 1/2 kg medium-sized white or brown champignons
  • 300 g sheep’s cheese
  • 40 g grated cheese
  • 50 ml lemon juice
  • some butter
  • salt
  • ground white pepper


Remove the stems and clean the mushroom caps thoroughly.

Cook them in salted water with lemon juice for a few minutes, then drain and leave to cool.

Mix the sheep’s cheese with the pepper.

Stuff the mushroom caps with the sheep’s cheese.

Place the stuffed mushroom caps in a greased ovenproof dish, sprinkle with grated cheese and roast in the oven until they become golden brown and the sheep’s cheese is melts.

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