Mushrooms: diabetic people can also eat them

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Many people loath mushrooms including the simplest champignons and wild mushrooms as well. However, that’s a big mistake. Mushrooms like champignons have huge nutritional value. They are extremely nutritious and can be the most important component of various diets. Let’s see why we say that mushrooms are the greatest ‘friends’ of people being on diets and the most crucial ‘vegetable’ of diabetic people. They are excellent nutrients.A portion of champignons (100 g) does not contain fat (0 g), its carbohydrate content is low (3 g), its glycemic index is also low (GI:2), low in calories but rich in fibre (1 g) and micro elements. Here are some crucial components that can be found in champignons: all types of vitamin B, vitamin D, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C, iron, phosphor, zinc, potassium, copper, selenium, manganese.

A great advantage of consuming mushrooms is that they are rich in nutrients and they can be part of diabetic people’s diet, as they can be a real help in glycemic control. For people on slimming diets the low energy content can be beneficial.

Mushroom- meat of the forest

If you don’t like mushrooms raw, in salads, there are plenty other ways of preparing them, or they can also be found as canned food. Picking canned mushrooms directly from the jar is a great pleasure, it’s worth a try. Putting champignons into spaghetti sauce is quite common, with or without meat. They can be grilled, roasted or can be great ingredient of scrambled eggs. Mushrooms have the ability to substitute meat, they are very similar in flavour and texture as well. Vegetarians can surely confirm this.

For juicy dishes

A common preparation method of mushrooms is when they are chopped, minced and put into meat balls or hamburger meat. Mushrooms can help preserve the moisture, flavour and nutritional value of meat mixture. The big palm-size, open Portobello mushrooms can be used grilled in slices or in sandwiches instead of meat cutlets.

Delicious raw mushrooms

If you prefer eating mushrooms raw, then you need to clean them with a brush and they are ready to be eaten. If the mushroom is too big, cut it into four parts lengthwise. The smaller ones don’t have to be chopped, of course, just cut them half. Raw mushrooms should be basic ingredients of every fresh salad or vegetable starter.

Though the price of mushrooms can be discouraging sometimes, don’t let yourself be dissuaded. Buy brown button baby mushrooms and fit them into your diet. Try a pasta sauce with mushrooms instead of meat. Add some slices of raw champignons to your salad or taste marinated canned mushrooms directly from the jar. Involve mushrooms in your diet. Enjoy the flavours while your body enjoys the better and better nutrients.

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