Nowadays various types of mushrooms are available to prepare various dishes. Naturally each of them are supposed to be used for different purposes as they may differ in size as well as taste.

The most important thing is that the mushrooms we are buying should be fresh, free from humidity and brown spots and have a dry surface. A fresh champignon is hard, its cap is bright white, or in the case of a brown button mushroom, light brown and silky. If we find tiny black pieces of soil among the mushrooms, it is no problem at all, it can occur that some parts of the casing soil remain on the mushrooms, which is unavoidable while picking. We can get rid of them with a quick wash or careful cleaning.

If we don’t use the mushroom right away, we need to keep them at a cool (2-10°C) and dry place, in paper bags if it’s possible. Mushrooms in paper bags can “breathe” more easily, don’t get wet and preserve their quality longer. It is advisable to prepare them 2-3 days after shopping so that we can avoid their deterioration.

Champignons don’t need peeling. For cleaning the best choice is a dry kitchen brush or a soft towel. First wash the surface of the mushrooms under running water as quickly as possible so that you can get rid of the casing soil then dry them with a paper towel. Do not soak in water, because it makes them soft and brown.

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